Planet Nordren

On a green world far into the solar system, all life is doomed when planet Nordren’s natural resources begin to dry up. The planets scientific council commonly referred to as the 12 paladins or the council of 12 meet and decide on a plan to save the dying planet.

Several phases of the blood moon Luna pass as the ancient “Builders” toil on a project called Cerebus, meant to breathe life back into the planet. Unfortunately the plan failed.

The ancient “Builders” created 3 artifacts called Obelisks that have the ability to store unlimited amounts of power. One of the Obelisks became unstable and exploded, showering the land and sky with fragments of crystalized energy. Large holes were blown into the atmosphere, allowing high levels of radiation to cover most of the planet.

Realizing the power they unleashed, the “Builders” hid the remaining Obelisks throughout the solar system, and then vanished to unknown places. All that remains of this elder race is some ancient prophecies and small pieces of their powerful creation.

Symbiotic spores breach the destroyed ozone and now threaten all life on the planet. Many plants and creatures are mutated into perverse creations overnight. Only able to leave their protective sanctums after sundown, Nordren’s population soon faces starvation and extinction.

Two groups of humanoid creatures live on the surface of the wasted planet; the Talamorphs, who are generally considered a bloodthirsty warring lot and the Terrans, a peaceful people who only fight when their way of life is threatened. There are also the creatures that live in the dark places; caverns and mines deep beneath the surface.

Evil roams the wasted planet, seeking slaves to dig for the lost fragments of crystallized power. Those that don’t end up being “diggers”, search for the deepest cavern in the planet to lose themselves in.